Sunday, August 23, 2009

fine, then.

On Friday, Casey and I went to B. Hughes for the Vera Wang trunk show. I figure I have pretty limited opportunities to try on gowns created by the most famous wedding dress designer on the planet. In a million years, I could never justify spending that kind of money on a single item of clothing that will only be worn once. But after the first handful of taffeta and tulle, I can completely understand the appeal.

I suppose I shouldn't have even put myself in this position, but of course I fell madly in love with a $5000 ballgown with a bubble skirt and pintucked strapless bodice. It was breathtaking. All the ladies in the shop gasped when I came out of the dressing room, and Casey got weepy while I was standing in front of the mirror admiring the bell-sway of the skirt and the beautiful shape of the silhouette. I even tried on a simple flyaway veil that couldn't have been prettier.

I told the book club girls about it yesterday, and it was decided that we should host a topless bake sale to fund my Dream Dress. Or create the long-discussed Book Club Girl Pinup Calendar. Or start borrowing $5 or $10 from every single person I know. Their enthusiasm and conviction made it much too easy to imagine myself draped in Vera on May 22. Oh dear...

Yesterday we hosted Badness and Redbeard's Tennessee Wedding Shindig, which was an outright success, largely because of the astonishingly cool and breezy weather. And all that amazing food... This afternoon we took all three dogs to the dog park again, which was hilarious and went quite well. Tonight I'm making baked spaghetti and onion-cheese bread, courtesy of the green Lady and Sons cookbook. Thursday is the Cheatham County Fair Demolition Derby, about which I am unreasonably excited. As usual.

More wedding-planning details soon. Which will hopefully not involve me deciding to convert our entire catering budget into a Vera Wang hedge fund...