Monday, December 10, 2007

best. time waster. ever.

And I do mean ever. ever.

This is going to make you feel soooo dumb. I promise. Unless your name is Austin Gray, and then you will think that perhaps this whole game was invented just for you to show off your mad level of geography genius. Honestly.


Uncle Tony said...

OK, just how well is Mr. Gray doing on this map crap? I've done it twice, figured out where Indonesia is, and got halted after Level 7 both times. I blame it on my laptop mouse, to some degree. Getting the little blip to go EXACTLY and QUICKLY where you want it just pleases the imps and demons looking in. So, if Mr. Gray is laughing right now out of both hemispheres of his atlas, he's 1) either got a more compliant mouse, or 2) more likely, this is an offshoot of Soccer Overload Syndrome, whereby an individual can't tell you where his keys are, but knows the whereabouts of any community of any size that features a team running around like fire ants while wearing ridiculous clothing. That, of course, means any freaking place on earth, however godforsaken, wartorn or irrelevant. And that ain't fair.

My opinion, oughta be yours.

DJ B said...

I got 362442 on my first(and only) try.

This is awesome!

Paula J. said...

Don't know what it is about that game, but I could play for hours.
Aunt P.

Lisa said...

golly. I'm addicted.

Vickie said...

Hey, is that all there is? Checking on your blog became one of the rhythms of my day. More, please.