Friday, February 22, 2008

had enough hinting and foreshadowing?

Oh, okay. I'll break it. I got a new job. One that I've been angling for for a very long time, and at a place that I'm so excited about that I can hardly sit still. I've given three weeks notice at my current job, and my boss was both gracious and helpful when I told him, so I'm really relieved about that.

I mean, really. I don't think this has even sunk in yet. And I don't know if it will until March 17th, when I drive south instead of north in the morning.

I suppose you want to hear details about the new job. I have this weird superstitious instinct kicking in here as I type. I have to keep telling myself that the hard part is over, my coworkers all know, I don't have to keep any secrets anymore. It's a billing associate position with Emma, an email marketing company that is one of the coolest places to work in Nashville. This is just one of those things where I can see myself there. I can't wait to get started.

But right now, I have a lot of work to do, to make an easy transition for my replacement at my current position. I've been working towards this for a while, and really getting caught up on all my pending long-term projects, and I feel good about my ability to finish everything. I was dreading coming in today and telling everyone that I was leaving. I had to psyche myself up and tell myself that the last two times I gave notice at a job, the first time I was leaving my family of seven years, and the second time they FIRED me for giving notice, so this couldn't possibly be as bad as either of those, right? And of course it wasn't.

AND much more importantly I've got to plan my celebratory dinner at Red Lobster tonight. Nothing says Congratulations Delaney like dipping it in butter.


CDG said...

Ha. You're just shamelessly out of the closet about Red Lobster these days. So much for discretion, right? Can't wait to celebrate. We're so happy and proud of you!

Vickie said...

Yay, Laney! This sounds meant-to-be. XXOXOXOO

Cynthia said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Delaney! I'm so happy for you. (And by the way, I admit that I was one of those misled by the adorable laughing baby video -- but I tried to transmit my mental good-luck love in a nonspecific way just in case I had it wrong.)