Thursday, August 14, 2008

Even quicker additional update

So the sellers accepted another offer. We didn't get a chance to counter. We are back to the drawing board.

We went back and looked at our #2 and #3 houses from the previous weeks' searching, and were pretty uninspired. I don't want to suddenly get overly picky, but I also think that we're supposed to "know" when we walk in the door, right? And I didn't know. I feel like I spent a lot of time picturing myself and our selves and our stuff in the house on Wayne, and now I can't see us anywhere else.

So oh well. No other news from here. We had derby practice tonight, which was fun, and then I conned Austin into letting me pick up spaghetti at Pizza Perfect, which was all that I wanted to eat. Now Stranger than Fiction is on, and it makes me crazy happy, so that helps leave this pretty lame day on a high note.

Good night!


Mandy said...

Delaney...I know exactly what you're going through. Be patient. You will "know". We lost the first house we bid on and I was heartbroken. I had already figured out where my furniture would go, I could see myself sitting on the back patio....then, they accepted another offer. BUT....the good news is that we ended up quickly finding a much better house for us, bigger...and cheaper, too! Good luck!

Mandy Smith White

theblondemule said...

I'm sorry, that really stinks. This just must have not been the house for you guys. You'll find something, probably something better. Everything happens for a reason...

Hang in there!