Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dolce vita

Tonight's Menu:

Potato Soup with Bacon from the Rock Cafe's cookbook (sent to me today with the Splendid Table newsletter, which you should definitely sign up for).

Broccoli Blasted, as previously discussed, the best damn broccoli you ever did try.

Chicken Piccata with Caper Browned Butter Sauce

I was too hungry to take pictures. Everything came out exquisite. I made lots of extras because I need leftovers for lunch tomorrow and Friday. I'm already excited about eating all of this again.

A very successful meal to finish a truly fabulous day. I went fabric shopping with the amazing designer who is making my wedding dress, and we found everything we wanted and got fantastic deals. We celebrated by shoe shopping. Then I ran into Hatch to get some paper cut and ended up visiting there for almost an hour. I miss that place. When I finally got to work Emily had saved me a delicious sandwich from Sub Stop, and I worked on entering checks the rest of the day, which is always soothing and gratifying. And then home with my Boo for a feast and a roaring fire in the fireplace. This is the sweet life, we're fully aware.


Orderly Conduct said...

YUM! going to try the broccoli for shiz!

How cute are you?! This is a great post! :)

Casey said...

So jealous! Chicken picatta is one of my favorite things. The couple of times we've had it at home, it didn't quite taste like what I expected. I love to get it at Finezza!

Jamie said...

Yum. I'm definitely going to have to try that broc recipe. Sounds easy and tasty.

theblondemule said...

I'm making the chicken & broccoli tonight. I'll report back.

I'm excited!

Chris Wage said...

I don't know why I never roast broccoli.. I rarely eat vegetables any other way, yet it never occurs to me.

ana said...

beautiful dog!