Thursday, November 15, 2007

more listmaking, the joy

Things I have to do Every Day:

1. Daydream about food.
2. Put on mascara, concealer, eyebrow powder, earrings, deodorant and clean underwear.
3. Read or do a puzzle before bed (no matter what, no matter how sleepy I am or how late it is, I always at least pick up the book and make an attempt. I've never been able to fall asleep straight away, which is probably connected to me never being able to fall asleep in public, in class, in a movie theatre, etc. Only on planes. There's a little Delaney trivia for you: I never once fell asleep in class. Not in high school, not in college, never).
4. Check my email (okay, I do this pathologically, like ALL the time. I know you do too).
5. Drink a minimum of 6 liters of water.
6. Say, "Hi!" when any pet comes up to me. This happens a lot.
7. Talk to my sisters.
8. Check toothpastefordinner and marriedtothesea (the latter is actually becoming my favorite).
9. Put away everything that I brought home from work with me, as soon as I come in the door. My purse, my cat bag, any groceries that were in the work fridge, Tupperware, the mail. I unpack it all and put it in its place even if I'm going to go retrieve it the next morning and take it back to work.
10. Say, "Sweet dreams, my boo," and have "Sweet dreams" said back to me, before falling asleep with my stuffed dog Cashmere (10th birthday present from Grandma Jansen) tucked under my arm.

Things I wish I didn't have to do Every Day:
1. Take my contacts out before bed.
2. Fuss with my cuticles (I keep a cuticle trimmer both in my vanity table at home and in my desk at work. My cuticles are a neverending source of trauma for me).
3. Have a fight with Mackenzie over pillow territory.
4. Drive to the building next door to check the mail at work.
5. Pay an average of $3.34 towards my student loans (1/30 of my monthly payments. This is a stretch as far as saying it's a daily activity, but I really am constantly aware that I should have a. kept up my grades and therefore my scholarships, b. had a reason to go to college other than that I was supposed to go to college, or at least c. graduated. Paying student loans is, for me, the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket every day. It is pretty much a retroactive waste of money).
6. Wash my face.
7. Think, "I should wash my car."
8. Repeat myself.
9. Check my bank account (okay, I really don't mind it. I mean, even if I was wealthy beyond my wildest dreams I would probably still balance my checking. But it would be better if, when I checked it, I was pleasantly surprised, instead of always just saying, "oh.").
10. Spend a lot of time trying to find a phantom hair that is tickling me under my shirt, at the back of my neck, or behind my arm.

Boy, this NaBloPoMo, it really forces you to dig deep into details that nobody cares to know.

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