Monday, November 16, 2009

foods I crave

1. sushi
2. Indian (especially my newly discovered true love, vegetable korma)
3. artichokes
4. avocado
5. crab legs
6. popcorn
7. macaroni and cheese
8. chocolate chip cookies
9. the Gold Rush patty melt
10. poppyseed chicken
11. tuna casserole
12. hush puppies from Bill's Catfish
13. Sicilian pasta
14. pretzels
15. peanut butter

So basically, I crave comfort foods. Is that a redundancy? Are all comfort foods something you crave? It seems so obvious.


Brandes said...

you never liked indian before! harumph.

Kelli said...

Wow, I think we share the top 4. Except I'd probably put avocado above artichokes, depending on my mood. This is great information for potential lunch rendezvous...