Wednesday, November 18, 2009

how much?

The thing with writing about the wedding planning is that I wonder how much of these details I should share. Isn't some of it supposed to be a surprise for our guests? Or, like with the dress talk, a surprise for Austin? What about the people who are reading who aren't coming to the wedding? Is it too private? Should I keep our plans to myself, at least until after the wedding? Or is this just what's going on in our lives right now, and it's just going to be what I talk about?

Also, thanks for so many of you for commenting lately. I read so many blogs that get 20-30 comments per post, and I'm green with envy. I'm trying to be better about commenting on other blogs that I read, even when Reader makes me horribly lazy about it (or when tumblr doesn't let you comment at all, Trey...). Surely blog comments are the cheapest currency that still feels gratifyingly indulgent when you get one. Hint, hint.


hootenannie said...

Well, how's about this comment:

I never tire of hearing your wedding ideas and plans, your white chocolate chip apricot cookies knocked my argyle socks off, AND you have very nice skin.


1510 said...

Oh, I didn't even know you *could* comment! Ha! I'm so new to all this. But, I will have you know: your blog has inspired me to start one of my own. Its only from time to time so least until I'm done with my project, but it is a fun place to jot down recipes, ideas, etc.

Thanks! And love your blog!

1510 said...

oh, I guess it doesn't say who I am! this is sarah p!

Orderly Conduct said...

here's my comment- you're fabulous!!

keep the wedding deets comin'! i love it!

agnes said...


TALK about the wedding as much as you want! in the pie chart of Things On Delaney's Brain, we know it's a big slice. limiting the visual aids will keep it still surprising. you can always write follow-up posts after the wedding(which i have yet to do, ha) that include planning drawings of the dress, etc.

also, please keep talking about what you make for dinner all the time. i need to rediscipline myself about menu planning.


Mandy said...

I love hearing details about thewedding, especially the post of what you're NOT doing. Go for it. That's why it's YOUR wedding, you can do whatever you want to...don't worry what others say or think. Please keep posting!

And I love the animal stories, too. Keep those a'comin'!

Sarah said...

Here's my lame excuse for not commenting: Your amazing ability to entertain through your writing makes me crazy jealous. So anything I may write in the comments would seem terrible compared to you!! I'm like you, though, I love comments! I'm always checking back on my past blogs to see what people have to say (or in most cases, DON'T say!) Thanks for your comment today!

Melanie said...

I love the posts. I esp love the wedding ones. And the FOOD- oh Laney- the FOOD. I swear I gain weight just reading about it, but hey, I run now, so it's ok. :)