Wednesday, November 25, 2009

listmaking falls firmly in the first category

Things I Do Well:

1. Baking/Cooking in general (I follow a recipe well, so that's something)
2. Menu Planning
3. Makeup application
4. Give directions
5. Tetris/pack a suitcase/load a dishwasher/rearrange a refrigerator (all uses the same skill set)
6. Keep score at baseball games and stats for roller derby
7. Spot a cat in any landscape (highly honed kitty radar)
8. Quickbooks
9. Hosting
10. Supervising

Things I Do Poorly:

1. Wait tables.
2. Batting, fielding, catching, throwing, sprinting, shooting, or any other sportsy action.
3. Make rice. This is my major failure area in the kitchen. It shouldn't be this hard.
4. Drink alcohol
5. Fix hair
6. Throw things away/part with things
7. Get over sadness (although I can get over anger admirably fast)
8. Resist Mischa when she wants to sleep on the bed with us
9. Sudoku
10. Coming up with Halloween costumes.


hootenannie said...

I am convinced that making rice is not even possible.

janelle said...

Two words: rice cooker.

lisa donovan said...

ooo ooo!
A ninety seven year old Filipino woman showed me how to make rice twelve years ago. I will pass the ancient secrets on to you if you like. There are two important tricks and I will be happy to show you what I know... Rice date?

Casey said...

Ha. We totally share the Tetris/packing/dishwasher rearranging gene. Definitely the same skillset.

But you need to get it together with the rice. Really this is stumping a food genius like you?!? Mmm... rice.