Monday, July 14, 2008

four. teen.

Foods I Didn't Eat When I Was Younger:

White Beans (still don't. gross)

Goat cheese, blue cheese, feta cheese (I still haven't fully embraced feta)

Anything with curry (now I'm a little obsessed)

Anything with cumin (warming up)

Fennel (I think I don't mind fennel. I wonder what it was that I was disliking when I thought I was eating fennel)

Sea urchin (still don't. gross)

Chicken teriyaki (sorry, Mom. I don't know what it was about your chicken teriyaki that I didn't like when I was a kid. I'm over it now, I swear)

Foods I loved when I was younger that I don't like anymore:

Shrimp and scallops

Ham (I mean, I guess I don't mind it? but I used to eat ham sandwiches all the time)

Jarred spaghetti sauce (this was less something I loved and more something I had on hand all the time because I was poor)

Tootsie Rolls

Seasoning Salt

Sorry for the world's most uninspired food blog. I gotta go back to thinking up my roller derby name.

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