Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The good news is that Amazon, miraculously, announced that our new camera should be here tomorrow! So hopefully by this time tomorrow night I'll be ready to wow you with detailed photographs of the simple steps leading up to rigatoni with sausages and Parmesan. Actually, by this time tomorrow night I plan on not being awake at all, because folks, it's late, and I almost fell asleep without a post for today. I don't even know what reminded me after I'd already turned out the light.

It was another unsettled day, really tough for me to concentrate, with these weird minor undercurrents of vertigo ever since I opened my eyes this morning. I can't even begin to imagine what is tugging along at the back of my brain that is keeping me from being productive and effective. Some kind of worry that I haven't even found, something unfinished that is an unconscious distraction. I honestly do not know.

But I know I feel behind at work, and I know that when my inbox swells to 97 messages that I can't move out it makes it hard to focus on anything. And I also know that when I went to my director today and told her I was backed up on a project that I wanted to present tomorrow, she was so incredibly cool about it and it made me want to work even harder. I swear I will continue to work hard to deserve that job, the way I will always work hard to deserve the gift in my life that is Austin Gray. And I keep saying life is so good, to the point of feeling boring with nothing to talk about. So what is keeping me from feeling like I have my shit together this week?

Spice-rubbed salmon with green curry sauce got punted to next week's menu. I had leftover poppyseed chicken tonight, about six pounds of it, and am taking more with me to work tomorrow even though it's Emma Lunch Wednesday. That's right, I'd rather eat more poppyseed chicken than eat the catered lunch from Pei Wei. I'm telling you people, it's my favorite.

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