Wednesday, April 1, 2009

challenging myself

Recently I noticed that it had been a few weeks since Molly had updated her blog. I decided to hassle her about it, then realized a more productive approach might be a little friendly competition. I issued a blog challenge, for us to each post every day for the month of April (like NaBloPoMo, but less lonely). We both got so excited about the challenge that we opened it up to the rest of our coworkers. So now we're twenty-three strong, which is pretty awesome, and so far it looks like everyone is getting off to a crackerjack start!

Tonight I don't have anything in depth to contribute. We went to see the US Men's Soccer team compete in a World Cup qualifying match vs. Trinidad & Tobago, and it was super fun (especially with the final score: US triumphs 3-nil!). I ate a horrifyingly delicious pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns, and like a third of e.o'block's funnel cake (they smell better than they taste, I always forget). Now I'm trying to get caught up on my Reader. I'm going to have to unsubscribe from Weddingbee. It's wearing me out. Like a dozen posts a day, and I just can't keep up, and if I scroll too fast my Firefox locks up.

I'm excited about a month of daily writing practice. I'll make the standard advanced apologies that I certainly can't guarantee that I'm going to have anything *interesting* to say. But I need to work on this habit, of putting words to my daily life. My dad tells me, "Your blog's broken," when I haven't updated in six weeks. And by then, I have too much to say. So back at it, here I go, with no specific theme, although I'm likely to talk about wedding thoughts here and there, and mostly food otherwise.

Sweet dreams out there.

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