Friday, April 3, 2009

a silent house

Today was, as expected, another experiment in chaos. Phones were finally restored at the office around nine, and emails didn't end up getting TOO backed up. But even as I'm typing this, I'm remembering two different things I didn't finish today that I completely lost out of my brain. Damn. Sometimes I thrive on crisis detail, and let adrenaline and busybody-ness kick up my productivity. But sometimes it's all just too much, and I literally forget important things that I was in the middle of working on. Luckily, my MacMail saves drafts even when I close the program. And I've got two unfinished emails that are going to go out tonight.

But that's ok. I'm tucked in on the couch with my red blanket across my lap and my puppy across my feet. Tonight we snuck out for sushi and I have big news: Samurai has sake now! A whole menu of nine different kinds. Mercy! In related news, I'm probably going to be asleep before ten. Right now I'm catching up on my Reader (so much additional activity with all the coworkers blogging!) and maybe I'll start on my astonishingly backlogged stack of magazines. I got the new MSW LAST FRIDAY and have only made it through the first few pages. Who am I becoming?! It's like I'm a stranger. To myself.

Honestly, everything else I've thought of to talk about can wait until later. Gotta save other topics for the next 26 days! Plus I just got so distracted by this video that I am just going to give up making any sense tonight. Instead I'll make a grocery list and be ready for a productive weekend that can at least partially be spent hiding out. Is April always this busy?

Any typos or grammatical errors tonight are sponsored by unfiltered sake.

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