Thursday, April 2, 2009

sweatin' to the oldies

After a chaotic day, I have one major pronoucement: I LOVE DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. Or DDR, as the game regularly refers to itself. If I had this in my house, I would not be (quite so) out of shape. I'm currently researching my options for owning DDR for my very own. Maybe we can register for it?

Let's see, what else? Oh, right, we had crazy storms in Nashville today. I love storms except for when my dogs are outside by themselves. Then it mostly makes me sad. Austin got home before I did, where he found some very, very muddy animals. They're all high strung even now.

The storms knocked out the power at work today for a little while, and once it returned, we were sans phones and email for the rest of the day. This is quite crippling to productivity. The good news is, instead of laying around on the floor and playing I Spy in the downtime, I threw myself into some problem solving conversations with several of my genius coworkers, and am excited about some of the solutions that were uncovered. It's 11 pm now, and we still aren't getting emails or voicemails, so I'm a little terrified to come in tomorrow to the deluge. I am also feeling the pain of some of my systems coworkers, who will likely be awake all night trying to restore our internal office communications by the time our customers on the east coast are in their offices tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I went bowling, also with my coworkers (maybe they're my only friends) (just kidding). It was super fun. The bowling alley was the site of the DDR throwdown with Emily and coworker/non-sister Casey. All in all, it was a busy but good day.

Tomorrow I am working from home in the afternoon while Sears comes to repair our (very nice! dammit!) refrigerator for the THIRD TIME. It is looking likely that we are going to have to cash our warranty in and get a new one before the year is out. Very frustrating. Monday we took a 60 degree reading out of the fridge. Unacceptable. Also in the afternoon, the Personal Farmer gentleman from Gardens of Babylon is coming to give us a consultation on what and where to plant for our vegetable garden this summer. I'm super excited about this project and will hopefully have more details tomorrow.

Buenos noches!


agnes said...

DDR = dance dance revolution?! this sheds a whole new light on some leslie hall lyrics...

leedguitars said...

Oh man I wish you and Austin could combine fridges with me to make two normal ones, mine is reading 23 degrees at the warmest possible setting and freezes anything you put in it. It sucks!

Vickie said...

Dance, Dance Revolution is the reason I had to have knee surgery 8 years ago!! (But it was fun)--I love it when you blog every day. XOXO