Sunday, April 5, 2009

insight in the moment

Tonight, instead of working on the thoughtful, actual-topic blog I've been pondering all day today, about female friendships, maturity, personality and relationships, I played spades with my fiance for three hours.

Did I make the right decision? From here, the answer is obviously yes.

On a food note, we made one of our favorite dishes from the Cook's Illustrated 30 Minute Recipe book: Italian Sausages with Onions, Peppers and Potatoes. Because this isn't nearly enough of a health-food dish, we traditionally serve this in a bowl with cheddar cheese grits (Alton Brown's recipe). Tonight, inspired by the shrimp and grits at Rumours, I made a balsamic reduction to pour over everything. It was syrupy and sweet (and made it hard to breathe in my kitchen while reducing). Delicious! Served with a little salad with that favorite wasabi-bleu cheese dressing. And chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

So that's fair warning, coworkers: chocolate chip cookies and cucumber sandwiches (aka leftover baby shower food) coming your way in the morning. Happy Monday!

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